Monday, August 13, 2012

18 Months! Where has the time gone?!?

I realize I've been a bit lax in writing but I'm not going to apologize, everyone knows I've got two babies and a deployed husband, I'm just BUSY! Anyways, I decided to try and do a quick update of the last 5-6 months while I wait for 2am to get here. Why 2am you ask? Good question. Some of you may know that I like to save money whenever and wherever I can (even if it means staying up until 2am!) Some of you may also know that one of my goals during this deployment was to run a half marathon at the END of it (my ultimate wish would be that Rush would be home in time to run it WITH me.) Well put two and two together and you get me waiting up until 2am to register for a half marathon on the 13th (midnight PST) so that I can save $13 on registration and possibly be one of the lucky few who also get a bonus gift card for being one of the first to register this morning! TA DAH! So exciting right? Well it's 12:30 now so I have another hour and a half to finish this post and get extra housework done. We'll see if I'm finished with this post in time for the housework.

SO let's see...since March the girls have become much more coordinated, I'd even say they can run in their adorable cute way. They still LOVE to dance! And with the Olympics going on they really loved dancing along with the rhythmic gymnastics. I think it's safe to say that I see lessons in their future. ;) They still LOVE to read books, I mean they will hand me book after book after book, sometimes I have to tell them to go find me a new book because I'm so tired of reading the same few again and again. And they are so smart that they do! They'll go find another book for me to read. Every now and then they are content reading to themselves (or each other) and will just sit and babble as they turn pages of their books. Speaking of how smart they are (I am in no way biased ;)) it was back in June when I told one of them (pretty sure it was Reagan) to shut the door, and to my complete surprise she stopped what she was doing looked at the door and then went and shut it!!! I had not worked on that or even tried teaching her what a "door" was. I was soo impressed and decided to start telling them to do other things and see what they caught on to. Adalyn is my sharer (is that a word?) I can now give her both pacifiers at night and she will immediately take one and try to put it in Reagan's mouth. Also in the morning if I get her out of her crib first, she will go grab a milk and try to bring it into the room to give Reagan (who I just got out of her crib.) It is soo stinking sweet. I've even caught them sharing food, hugs, and kisses! It makes me sooo happy because there are still times when I have to put one of them in timeout for biting the other, and now that they have a FULL set of teeth, it hurts so much more (trust me I know!) Speaking of pacifiers, not long after Rush left, the girls started getting the hint that lovies and pacifiers were only for when they were in their cribs. Now in the mornings when I pick them up they grab their pacifier and throw it back in their cribs!

Let's see, some of the other "commands" that they listen to...they know what it means when I say, "Let's get in the car." They run to the garage door and (im)patiently wait for me to open it and the garage door so they can watch it in awe. :) Oh, they love their shoes (like their momma!) I'll ask them if they want to put their shoes on and they come running. They'll sometimes even throw themselves in my lap. Then once they're sitting in my lap, they'll pick their feet up and wait for me to strap them on. They'll then proceed to high step or quick step all over the tile because they love to hear their shoes on tile. When we were at my Klemcke family reunion, we had their jellies that they wore whenever they went outside the cabin. In the morning they would find them and hand them to whoever would put them on so they could go outside! They had so much fun at the river, I can't wait to see how much more they continue to love it every year. :)

Within the past few days they have actually started trying to SAY words! Some of them are actually very good, while others don't quite sound like it, but I know they are trying to say it because it's the same every time. Some of the words they've said (but don't always continue to say) are cracker, donkey, cow, bird, frog, and puppy! We have a few picture books and I'll ask them to tell me (or point) to the "such and such" and most of the time they get it right. Oh they have "baby" down pat, anytime they see a baby they have to point and say "baby," it's really cute.  The more important words they'll sign, such as food, drink, more, night-night, thank you, and all done. I'm working on please and potty. Along with signing, out of no where they started answering me with a head shake yes or no. I guess maybe I shake my head when I'm talking to them, but one day (maybe a month ago) I remember asking Reagan if she wanted something and she shook her head yes! They both will answer me with a headshake now, it's so amazing just how much they pick up on.

Back in May we climbed Enchanted Rock as a family. It was really fun, I had never been there and always love driving through Fredericksburg. Rush and I have a thing where every anniversary we are going to try and take a trip. We decided that only on the big numbers (5, 10, 15, etc.) we would take a private trip. All the others we would make it a family trip. It was a new experience to say the least, we learned some of the things to do and not do. Like don't wait until the heat of the day to try and climb a large rock while carrying a baby. Also plan for them to want to walk the whole way down, because otherwise they will scream and squirm the WHOLE way down and people will start to look at you like you are crazy.

Well, that's all I can remember for now. I will do my best to not wait another five months before I come back. Mother's Day Out starts back in Sept. and we have a few more trips planned. But I am hoping that these next few months won't be as crazy as these last two. Looks like I have another 40 minutes until 2am so I guess I'll go clean off the stairway and straighten up my craft room. I'm about to start working on covers for the girls' nap mats and matching blankets for MDO. :)

Monday, March 05, 2012

Zoo Crazy!

Today was an absolutely glorious day! So to take advantage of the 70 degree weather we decided to go to the zoo after church and after the girls' nap. I have been planning on going to the zoo with the girls for a VERY long time, let's just say that the girls had their "zoo" outfits before they were ever born! What can I say? Anyways, I'm pretty sure everyone else in San Antonio had the same idea because it was CrAzY busy at the zoo. We got really lucky with a parking spot almost immediately and didn't have to stand in line for very long. They girls did great! They only cried out a few times, but I think they were either eager to get out and walk or they wanted a snack. Well enough of me talking, here are the pictures! :)

On the way to the zoo! Reagan is still getting used to her big girl carseat. :)
 It's kind of fuzzy, but the best I could get of Adalyn. :)
 I grab the camera, Rush gets the stroller. ;)
Not sure what these large birds are but they were walking around right up next to us!
There's a pretty waterfall in the background!
These birds are BEAUTIFUL! I love LOVE LoVe the blues of their feathers. I don't think I could convince Rush to let me have a bird though just because it matched my color theme...
I honestly don't even know what species they are.
Big ol nest!
They are a favorite of mine.
This little guy/gal was just too cute! Makes you want to squeeze it real tight and pet it. :)
I really don't think I need to tell you what this is...
Or this big guy!
Jessica with Addie
 Here is where you would hear Rush making his zebra call..."WHOOOP whoop WhOoP!" (You can look that up on Animal Planet! ;)
 No two zebras are alike!
 The cheetah was lounging and enjoying the beautiful weather as well!
 Mason had so much fun at the zoo!
 Homo sapiens variety Father (aka Dad, Daddy, Dada, and Pop.)
Can be found everywhere in the world. Range in height, weight, "smartness," and dependability. This variety tends to spend time reliving memories and drinking fermented drinks while watching other Homo sapiens tackle each other. Give them food and a nice Homo sapien var. Wife and they will thrive. They are a long-lived variety as long as they are healthy and don't upset their Wife.
If you come across a great Homo sapien var. Man it is likely he will eventually develop into a wonderful Father. These two are a good example!
 Gazelle! Thanks to Dave Ramsey I can't even think gazelle without thinking "Gazelle Intensity!"
Other Ramsonites will get this. ;)
These dudes have some serious horns!
 "Quite monkeying around!" Just kidding!
 Seeing this ugly guy made me want to start singing Hakuna Matata at the top of my lungs! I of course resisted since I didn't want to be deserted by those in my group today. (They just don't know how to have any fun!) ;)
 And of course the lions are near by, but they didn't want to be seen or disturbed so they ignored us humans.
 This guy looked very prehistoric, his feet are insanely thick and his feathers look more like hair and WHERE ARE HIS WINGS?!
 Hip HOP HiPpItY hOp!
This is Mason's interpretation of a kangaroo! Too cute!
 This dude was huge!
 Would not want to be stuck with any of his quills!
 Kangaroo in a tree? Sure! Why not??
Well these guys give new meaning to "like a bump on a log." ;)
How many turtles can you see?!
(Answer at the end of the post.)
Looking at the birds jumping around like crazy!
I believe it is called a crowned crane??? :/
I do think their first trip to the zoo was a success!
These birds were crazy big! I haven't seen so many large birds as I did today.
I like to take pictures of all sorts of creatures.
 Not so pink flamingos!
 I think their prarie dogs might have mange...
 THIS is a BIG guy!
 See his size compared to the people in the background?!
 LOVE this picture! They are so happy. :)
Reagan mimicing Rush.
 Addie is just a happy girl!
 It didn't take long for her to want to be picked up. This is a normal view for me, except there is usually another baby crying as well. LOL
 Sitting with Daddy
 Mason mowing the grass, he did such a good job that it's GONE! ;)
 Reagan loves to push things around, she went all over with that mower.
 Adalyn decided to get in on the mower fun!
I think Mason needs a little brother/sister to play with! ;)
 Adalyn actually sat on Reagan, but ended up next to her (thankfully!) Reagan is not too fond of her sister sitting on her.
The girls playing with the mower. :)
 These squirrel monkeys were all over the place! Very fast and cute (glad they couldn't get too close to me though).
 Monkey Mason!
 As we were leaving the jaguar decided to give everyone a show and paced back and forth the front of his area.

Whew! It was a FUN day! I'm already looking forward to going back.

Answer: there are 4 turtles in the picture!